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Create your wedding slideshow!
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Wedding slideshow

Wedding is one of the most important and brightest events in life! If you prepare for this day, a Love Story from photos and videos shown at your wedding will produce amazing emotions of friends and beloved ones. However, if wedding photos are ready – it is time to spice them up by a wedding slideshow! Moreover, you should not be afraid of difficulties with installing programs and lost time. All you need is photos and a few minutes … And for the most impatient ones – slideshow can be like this:


How to create a wedding slideshow.

If we speak about an online service-everything is very simple:

  • Prepare photos
  • Think over the text, 1 phrase is enough, nobody makes you compose poems 🙂
  • Add music, if you don’t like the suggested one.
  • Send your order and… get pleasure from viewing.

Now let’s start step by step. To create a similar video (as in the example above), follow the link and press the button. … It is unlikely that you miss it, it is the only one there)

Wedding Slideshow

Next, choose a theme for your slideshow and upload photos. I just want to add that perfect video duration is approximately 3 minutes (call to mind music videos and songs). This fact is related to the concentration and the maximum interest of audience. In general, the aim is for 30 shots (more or less) – in my opinion, it is optimal. Of course, nothing prevents you create videos from 15 or 60 photos.

Wedding slideshow. The last step

As soon as all photos are uploaded, the simplest thing remains: you should add text and your e-mail.

That’s all, wait for your wonderful slideshow. If everything is done correctly, you will see the window, that order will be processed by a professional video designer for several hours. If you wish, you can reduce the time to 1 hour. The most important thing is that you do not need to pay anything until you see your clip. I think it is right and fair. Everything is very simple and the finished slideshow will surely surprise and delight you! Bye for now)

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video review of several services:

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