Surely, each of you ever wanted to create something unusual from your photos/video like a clip for congratulations of relatives and friends or a cool movie about joint leisure time, add animations and text and to gift it to your friends. From photos, images, videos saved on your computer, you can easily make a slideshow with music and enjoy your lovely photo\video collection at any time.


Slideshow: how to create

There are many programs to create a movie from photos\videos nowadays. You can include any background music, video fragments and spectacular transitions between photos in your clip. You can also add captions to your photos\videos.

Definitely, you should choose a program for creation of a video from photos on your personal grounds. There are paid programs that you should buy and install or search for their serial numbers. Other programs are free. Some of free programs are highly competitive to paid ones: Creating a slideshow online

The options of a program may include creating a clip of different formats. For example, you can save your movie as a video file. You can also record your clip to a disk or USB drive, or even upload to the Internet. Typically, programs for creating slideshows are targeted at novices. Therefore, their use should not be a monumental challenge for any user. This is the main thing, which led to my choice of the program

Why is my choice of the slideshow maker the best? The answer is simple. Having perused the entire Internet in search of the best solution, I can confidently say that the program is ideal for creating slideshows. You don’t have to puzzle out for a long time: it is very easy in use.


Just consider yourself. I just select photos, videos, text for comments, music, type of design. I upload everything online. And after some time, I get the result by e-mail. The truth is that sometimes I should wait up to 12 hours. However, I believe that this is to be expected, since my materials are in the processing of professional designers. Yes, the final product is their activity, and not the one of the program with an algorithm that creates the final product for me personally. This is a customized approach.

If I want to get my order in high definition, I should also pay. Only a standard option is free. Here everything depends on the purpose, for which I create my slideshow. Sometimes, a standard version is good enough for me. And as for the high definition, i.e. one more professional service, I agree to pay for it.

Try it for yourself!

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