Creating a slideshow online

Creating a slideshow online

is the best way to get a quality clip. Obvious advantages are the following:

  • •  there is no need to download and install software\programs\plugins,
  • •  there is no need to puzzle out settings and learn how everything works,
  • •  there is no need to spend time on editing, placement of photos\videos, creation of effects, etc.
  • •  there is no need to spend money BEFORE getting the result (the finished slideshow).

To sum up: You save time, energy and money with no risk. It sounds great, but what’s the difference between online services to create video from photos? To get more details see this article, but in a nutshell – the level of graphics, of processing speed and of cost is markedly different. For me, the crucial factor is the design of my slideshow, how professional my clip turn out to be + the speed of its creation (I want to spend less time, but to get the result faster) … Although, I will be honest, the price matters too:) In general, is one of the services that you can use to create spectacular slideshow online. My photos are ready, lets` start.

The service pleasantly surprised me from the first minute: there is a very simple scheme of work, which does not require any special skills, and professional graphics are also present, see for yourself:

You just need to:

  1. choose the preferred design;
  2. upload your photos or videos;
  3. get your clip!

It sounds tempting. So, let’s get started. I`m going to create a video for my husband’s Birthday, but it doesn’t really matter, because the concepts (designs) for slideshows are various.

Slideshow online for free

Click the first button “try for free“:creating a slideshow online

Design options for the future slideshow open before me. I am usually be picky about this issue, but I was pleasantly surprised again by the service: I chose the design very quickly, because the categories were more than enough: “Top hits“, “As a gift“, “Best“, “Business“. It emerged that, not only the design turned out to be surprising: graphics are at a very high level (for the sake of curiosity, I looked through several examples of different styles- their level was high).

As I learned later, all orders are edited and cut by a designer, and not by a robot or some kind of algorithm. I don’t know how other similar online services function, but to me this seems a great service. Of course, using such programs online, I want the finished video came out better than if I was engaged in all that. It was as a bit of a tangent, let us go further:).

Well then, the first step: i downloaded all the photos and posted them in the order I want them to see in my video.

The second step –  download the music.

Certainly, we (my husband and me) had our own song, I think he would be very happy to hear it. So I uploaded it. But while looking through the examples of ready video, I noticed that the selection of tracks was quite considered. Do you prefer something romantic and choose the design “For loved ones“? A lyrical melody sounds. Are you going to arrange a surprise for your colleagues and decide in favor of the design “Business“? Music is rhythmic, and there is nothing inappropriate here. So, if someone cannot determine its track, you can leave the standard song suggested for the selected design.

So back to my clip. My photos are downloaded, the music is selected. I have already managed to mention the options to add a video, but let`s talk more about it (later I learned that it is not a general practice of such services). It seemed original to me, particularly when in my archives, I found a very funny and charming video, which my husband will be unable to resist, but that’s a personal issue 🙂

There is also a handy option of adding a text (of course, I took its advantage). My video lasts about 3 minutes like professional samples. In my opinion, it is the very thing for viewing of 30 photos. What’s next? The service asks for the e-mail to send back my video.

Display shows a countdown clock. 12 hours are quite enough, but I would like to get my order a little faster, as the gift should be given already in the afternoon, so I decided to use the “speed up the creation of video“.

I shared information about the service on social networking sites, and now I have to wait for less than 6 hours. There is still a possibility to put your video on the top priority for a symbolic sum, but in any case I need a result only in the evening, so I see no reason to pay. I like this service more and more due to the number of suggested options. It takes into account many moments that really matter, when one is forced to hurry up in search of a gift. The only thing left is to wait for the result.

Slideshow online. Resume

P.S. My video proved to be ready not through 6 hours, as it was promised, but even after 5 hours. Thanks for the speed! It was very much to the point. Surprisingly, the slide show itself turned out to be free, meaning I can safely download it in standard quality. The payment is required to get it in the high definition and without any logos.

Of course, I would like to make my gift on the highest level, so I made a payment. I never regretted the time spent (just to load photos, music and videos). As a draw-back- I wanted to get my ready clip faster, but manual processing of orders and turn noticeably pushed forward the execution time of my order (I did not accelerate it for money). It is a good service! As an advantage, I take its graphics, simplicity and minimum of time spent.


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