Slideshow of pictures

Slideshow of pictures

Digital photo has tightened up its grip in our modern everyday life. Today, even inexpensive phones can have rather decent cameras that allow you to take pictures even at night using a built-in flash or a diode illuminating flashlight. So, it is not surprising that every modern user has quite an impressive number of photos. From them, you can create a unique slideshow of pictures.

Slideshow is a video consisting of pictures (your photos and even videos) with titles and audio effects. Making of such clips is a popular service. The purpose of these slideshows can be different:

  • use at presentation events;
  • for advertising;
  • creating clips for fun: making a wedding, holiday, greeting, art, memorable or training movies from photos.

Normally, slideshows are saved in one of the formats to be viewed using any multimedia equipment (PC, TV, MP4 -player, etc.).

How to make a slideshow of pictures?

Slideshows can be created in any video editor or some tweak. However, if you are not a professional, the best way to make your slideshow from pictures with music is an online service. I am going to tell you about such free service to create a slideshow. Learn how to make a slideshow based on my experience.


Slideshow of pictures: the easiest way to make your clip

To create my own slideshow, I use one utility, which is found by the link In my opinion, it is the perfect way to make a slideshow, because it is available from any computer by the link.

So, if you want to make your clip from photos\videos, you just follow 3 simple steps and get a personalized slideshow with music. Go by the link, upload your photo\video content, music, text, choose a design of your future clip. If something fails, the service team of professionals is always ready to help you!


Yes, true professionals whenever process your materials to create the finished product. As far as I know, software algorithm usually works with the stuff in many types of services and programs. The service practises an individualized approach to each client and to every order! It turns out they produce only uniquely designed slideshows with music!

So, creative people, not robots, work in the service. Sometimes waiting for my order fulfillment is delayed up to 12 hours. In this case, you, for example, may need to get your order as soon as possible. No big deal! For a repost, you can put your order in priority and get the finished product already after 1 hour!

The result is of a standard quality. If you need a high definition clip, you should pay, because this is an advanced option. Only standard option is free.

“So, it is not entirely free service?” -you can ask. The quality of their finished product is high, so HD quality is required in exceptional cases. Think of it as an additional service that is not in the master list.

So, now you have full information, how to create a slideshow.

Create an impressive slideshow of your souvenir pictures! Take a fast decision!

Try it now! Forward the link!


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