Photo slideshow

Photo slideshow

Surely you have hundreds or thousands of photos stored on your computer, and not fewer emotions and flashbacks in memory. And if you’ve captured the best moments of your life in photos, what about everything else? Why not to combine all the memories together? You must admit that your friends and colleagues will be glad to watch a fascinating photo slideshow with music, rather than monotonously flip through photos on the monitor.

Using a slideshow maker, you can easily assemble the best photos\videos in a unique sequence, add visual effects. You can also select a special design and text, which correspond to the general topic of your photo slideshow. Thus, you can not only make video from photos, but also add a matching background music.

Photo slideshow: use photos\videos to tell a story

Numerous online services and computer programs are developed to make a movie from your photos\videos, comments and music. Most of them must be purchased for money, but some developers allow you to use their product for free, just limiting some functions. Here’s such a program, which I use regularly to create my photo slideshows, namely

Everything is rather simple, quick and professional! First, I open my photo\video archive and select necessary shots. Then, I upload everything online. I can also select the music and design of my future photo slideshow. I can write a text for comments as well.

photo slideshow

So, everything is uploaded. I’m waiting for the result. Indeed, sometimes, I should wait for about 12 hours. However, it is not an insoluble problem. I just need to pay a fixed sum of money; and then, my order will be ready in an hour, as it is put in priority.

It is important! My order is processed by professional designers. This is a significant advantage of this online service. In other slideshow makers, a software algorithm is involved in this process.

I get the result by e-mail. It is in a standard quality. I can order it in high definition. But I should pay for it as well.

In general, everything is at a worthy level. I advise everyone to try!
Turn your photos\videos into real movies and, believe me, they will not go unnoticed. Spice up your photos, add individual mood to them!

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