Photo slideshow maker

Photo slideshow maker

Oh, how I understand those users who have accumulated a heap of photos and video materials, and they don’t know what to do with all this “splendor”. Perhaps everything is even grouped out and categorized, but even this does not save the situation. Personally, I found the solution: to create unique bright slideshows and to post them periodically on my pages in social media platforms or just to gift them to relatives and friends. Occasions can always be found!


Photo slideshow maker

For these purposes, you cannot do without a photo slideshow maker. This extremely useful utility helps not just to organize your photos and scattered videos into a consistent video clip. You can also add a matching tune and get your unique photo slideshow with music.

Photo slideshow maker: how to create your clip from photos\videos

Honestly, I did not succeed at once. As a first step, I had to search through the entire Internet to find a suitable program to create my slideshows. At present, there are many offers of utilities to create clips, movies, videos. However, the result of my search was successful. I found the program. This is

So, I would like to share my impressions about the use of this service to create slideshows. Let me clarify that I am not a professional person in this field. Therefore, I was looking for something simpler. I like the fact that, without requiring special skills, the service allows to create quite a professional clip from my photos and videos. And everything is done online in 3 easy steps. This distinguishes this utility from the most other ones.


I should only define the design of my slideshow, upload photos and videos and get the result by e-mail. In addition, the service helps to select a matching music and text comments. However, I have the right to upload my own staff. This is another advantage!


Photo slideshow maker

I`m very pleased by the fact that my stuff is sent to be processed by professional designers. Nor any heartless software algorithm treats my slideshow, but a good hand at video making. This is another big advantage for me!

The only thing is that my materials` processing can take up to 12 hours. It is a long time! However, I can make a repost to speed up the process. Moreover, I should pay for HD quality of my slideshow (only standard quality is free!). So, not all options are free here. But it is not a charitable institution.

All things considered, I like the service. And I am going to use it. I also urge you to try. Start with the option “Try for free”!


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