Photo and video slideshow

Did the hard disk of your computer collect many photos and videos? You and your beloved ones and acquaintances are not interested to look through them, because the viewing of raw amateur photos and videos does not arouse interest and becomes infinite. However, the situation can be changed. How? In the most handy way! All you need to do is to assemble your […]

Photo and video slideshow

Memorial slideshow

Pleasant and sad events overwhelm our lives, but there is nothing worse than a loss of a beloved one. In such cases, it is important to honor the memory of a deceased person and to recall all good moments that are connected with him or her. To this end, it is recommended to create a memorial slideshow. It in no way serves as […]

Memorial slideshow

Easy slideshow maker

Do you have many photos of animals? The time is now to turn them into a fascinating and touching slideshow. Moreover, if you put it in social networking websites, many likes are provided beforehand. Select your photos, music, paste a text. Choose special effects and original sounds. Ready! Are you hopeless at doing this? Then read the article below and […]

Easy slideshow maker

Easy slideshow creator

Each person has his or her favorite and photos: from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other significant events. Nevertheless, you can use these photos to make a complete slideshow that can be viewed on your TV set or post it on social media platforms (to show your friends and acquaintances). If, 15 years ago, to create quality slideshows, you had to have a […]

Easy slideshow creator

Create video with photos

Dynamic slideshow with music is the most exciting way to show your photos. Create video with photos! Unlike conventional photo albums and ordinary viewing of digital photos, slideshow allows you to convey the mood and atmosphere of your shots. It is so nice to revive your impressions about an interesting vacation or a merry holiday! Besides, it is […]

Create video with photos

Create picture slideshow

Create picture slideshow How to create picture slideshow with music? Until recently, I have not been bothered about this. Because I have not had a need to create such clips. I blog for beginner bloggers and infopreneurs. In addition, I use another program. As for video recording of lessons, it could not have been better. Moreover, […]

Create picture slideshow

Birthday slideshow

Birthday slideshow You had a birthday party and there are many great photos which you want to use to make a birthday slideshow? To create an excellent slideshow, you need to select the appropriate photos, organize them, pick up music, theme, etc. In order to do such a great job qualitatively and get an excellent […]

birthday slideshow

Create a slideshow with music

Create a slideshow with music We live in the hi-tech world, everyone has an ability to capture any moment of his or her life. However, You can surprise someone only by using really unusual photos, or if You create slideshow with music. Viewing of hundreds and more photos of child evolution, a photo report about Your trip is a […]

create a slideshow with music

Create slideshow video

Create slideshow video Have You accumulated an ample quantity of pictures dedicated to one topic? And do You know that it is not convenient to view such a plenitude of photos in a photobook or on a computer screen. Create a slideshow video. In such a case a slideshow is more convenient and emotional option. Thus, You get […]

Create slideshow video

Create photo slideshow

Create Photo Slideshow No holiday is complete without entertainment and congratulations. Believe me, Your guests will be favorably impressed if at one of the joint celebrations You can show them a fascinating slideshow, where they will see themselves as characters. You can give a demonstration of this slideshow on a computer monitor or a TV screen, but the best way […]

Best photo slideshow

Best photo slideshow Thanks to modern technologies we can capture literally any moment of our life, but in order to surprise and attract attention, You should use unusual photos or create Your best photo slideshow. Slideshow is a demonstration of photos united by one theme. It is a perfect way to tell about an important event in Your […]

Wedding slideshow

  Wedding slideshow Wedding is a great and memorable event, not only for honeymooners, but also for everyone who surrounds them. Love, unrestrained joy, sincere smiles, fun, endless congratulations accompany this great event. Keep the best moments of a wedding celebration in a magnificent wedding slideshow from photos! This colorful photo clip with music and a nice […]

Slideshow of pictures

Slideshow of pictures Digital photo has tightened up its grip in our modern everyday life. Today, even inexpensive phones can have rather decent cameras that allow you to take pictures even at night using a built-in flash or a diode illuminating flashlight. So, it is not surprising that every modern user has quite an impressive number of […]

Photo collage online

Photo collage online Do you know that the notion of “collage” is of French origin? Translated from the French language this word means “sticking together”. In general, the collage art originated in the beginning of our era. In those times, collages consisted of dried plants pasted on Papyrus. 20-30 years ago, when computers were not as prevalent […]

Music slideshow

  Music slideshow Animated slideshows are better than static photos, slideshow with music is better than without it. In fact, although our sense of sight is the source of up to 90% of the information coming into the brain, hearing provides the tiny details that make our perception natural and vivid. A well- matched music can […]

Make photo slideshow with music

Make photo slideshow with music Slideshows can become a great gift for your beloved ones, and friends, and colleagues, and even business partners. Viewing of photos makes you go mentally back to the time, when those shots were made. These are usually happy and joyful moments. That is why, viewing of photos evokes warm sentiments and heartfelt […]

Create video with pictures

Create video with pictures Do you know that the well-known picture of Albert Einstein, where he is depicted with his tongue out, was not a staged one? The genius was just tired of birthday photographers who constantly asked him to smile into the camera. So, he decided to go ape a little. Now this picture is one of […]

Create a slideshow with music

Create a slideshow with music Edward Steichen, one of the first and the most influential master hands in the world of photography once said: “Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a […]

How to make a slideshow

How to make a slideshow Are you a young mother, who had accumulated a bunch of shots and videos of your kid? Or maybe, are you a young person who is going to make an unusual gift for your beloved one on your anniversary dating? Or are you a responsible office worker who should make a report in the form of a photo\video presentation […]

Photo slideshow maker

Photo slideshow maker Oh, how I understand those users who have accumulated a heap of photos and video materials, and they don’t know what to do with all this “splendor”. Perhaps everything is even grouped out and categorized, but even this does not save the situation. Personally, I found the solution: to create unique bright slideshows […]

Best slideshow software

Best slideshow software I dare say, many people were in a situation, when they had to compile their photos and video materials in one form of slideshow. You understand that there are many programs, including online ones, for this purpose. At the same time, creating a slideshow online is the best way to get a […]

slideshow maker with music

Slideshow maker with music Have you recently returned from a tourist trip, had a wedding, celebrated a birthday or any other event and made a bunch of the coolest photos? Would you like to share your impressions with friends? Therefore, create a slideshow with music. This is more exciting than an ordinary viewing of photos\videos on the screen […]

Video slideshow

Video slideshow Your gift for any celebration can be virtual. Nice clips are pleasant gifts for any person: a video slideshow decorated in a special way with pleasant melody delights the eye. For example, photo images and shots of an anniversary celebrant look original in a slideshow. Using effects and interesting transitions, you can decorate your movie. Beautiful music complements video effects. Indeed, […]

Photo slideshow

Photo slideshow Surely you have hundreds or thousands of photos stored on your computer, and not fewer emotions and flashbacks in memory. And if you’ve captured the best moments of your life in photos, what about everything else? Why not to combine all the memories together? You must admit that your friends and colleagues will be glad […]

Photo slideshow with music

Photo slideshow with music Is it the right time to please your friends with a tuneful mood of travel and photos? Would you like to make a homemade slideshow greetings from photos\videos with your favorite music? Yes, a slideshow is a great way to put a twist on your favorite photos. Just think, what an interesting story […]


Slideshow software Virtually every important event of our life is accompanied by photos\videos, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, milestone date or corporate event. However, not everyone knows, how to show photos\videos in an original and spectacular way. Thus, even great shots remain buried in the bowels of the hard drive. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution. Make a […]

Free slideshow maker

Free slideshow maker How to make a nice slideshow from photos with music? How to create a professional movie from photos\amateur videos? These issues have somehow interested me. Honestly, I looked through a bunch of stuff in the Internet, spent a fair amount of time to find a suitable for me program to create a slideshow, and to find […]

Slideshow with music

Slideshow with music Throughout life, each person accumulates a lot of impressions about current events. Many of them are stored in photos and videos on your computer. To revive memories, you can create a slideshow with music and beautiful design. Slideshow is a film with background music, text and special effects. Creation of a slideshow with […]


Slideshow Surely, each of you ever wanted to create something unusual from your photos/video like a clip for congratulations of relatives and friends or a cool movie about joint leisure time, add animations and text and to gift it to your friends. From photos, images, videos saved on your computer, you can easily make a slideshow with music and enjoy […]

Slideshow maker

Slideshow maker In our digital age, the best way to arrange your photos and videos is a slideshow. You must admit that, making a video from photos is a creative process. It is just fascinating! Trying to refresh your memories of an event or a person, you are looking for photos, find beautiful music, thinking, how it will look on the […]

Make video from photos

Make video from photos: comparison of the 3 programs Like many users, I am interested in the question-how to make video from photos, as sometimes I am eager to show my photos to friends, colleagues and relatives. However, the usual photo viewing is already trite. I feel like making something new. For example, to create […]

Creating a slideshow online

Creating a slideshow online is the best way to get a quality clip. Obvious advantages are the following: •  there is no need to download and install software\programs\plugins, •  there is no need to puzzle out settings and learn how everything works, •  there is no need to spend time on editing, placement of photos\videos, creation […]