Music slideshow


Music slideshow

Animated slideshows are better than static photos, slideshow with music is better than without it. In fact, although our sense of sight is the source of up to 90% of the information coming into the brain, hearing provides the tiny details that make our perception natural and vivid. A well- matched music can turn even an ordinary slideshow in a good quality work crowned by an appropriate soundtrack. Learn how to create a music slideshow from your photos!

music slideshow


Music slideshow: choose matching tracks for slideshows

How to choose the best tune for a music slideshow? There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Selection of a background music for photo slideshow with music is a matter of tastes. Everyone to his own taste! Just note: music should be in harmony with the theme of the slideshow. For example, if you make a slideshow from old photographs for your granny, it is a good idea to use the background music from the repertoire of that time. For wedding slideshow, romantic music might be most appropriate. For a slideshow of pictures from a birth day party, even heavy metal can be appropriate, depending on how you zigaziged there.

Music slideshow: tips how to make a slideshow with music

  1. Music must correspond to the topic of the slideshow. Choose lyrical or romantic songs while creating a Love story slideshow. Rock ‘n’ roll is the best choice for incendiary photos, while jazz can inject melancholy into a slideshow and make it truly unique and memorable.
  2. Music sets the mood. Funny prices combined with sad bluesy music look inappropriate, as well as serious faces in photos supported by funny sounds produce comic impression.
  3. Keep background music concise. Every popular app for creating slide shows, offers a number of features to reduce the music file and use only the exact details rather than the whole long track. When you add music to photo\video content correctly, you can add a second meaning to the slideshow or put focus on the most important episodes.
  4. Music can be a central element of a video slideshow. You can make the whole picture slideshow around your favorite songs. Find the best images to describe your feelings and make clip for your favorite song!

A harmonious fusion of beautiful photos with precisely selected music and good transitions are key to an effective slideshow that will not leave anyone indifferent. So, how to add music to photos? What is the best program to use to create a slideshow with music?

Free slideshow maker to create a music slideshow

There are many various programs for creating slideshows as slideshow with music app, video editors, online services. They can be both paid and free.

If you are not a professional, you should better choose an online service to make a slideshow with music. I know a very simple free slideshow maker that I alwayse use to create slideshow.

My slideshow maker with online mode of operation is available by the link:

Creating a video slideshow in this photo slideshow maker includes several simple steps. First, you need to select the pics and videos, find a corresponding design, appropriate music, write a text. If you find it difficult to choose a track and a text, then the service will help you. There is a selection of music and text templates.

So, you select the content. Upload it online.


And further … your content is sent to be processed by designers. I really like this moment: the work is performed by a person, not by some software algorithm, as in many services of the same type. I see the customized approach of the service and its great advantage here.

The result you get by mail. Not immediately, only after several hours (sometimes up to 12 hours in anticipation). If you need it faster, you make a repost and get an opportunity to put a priority on it. It’s not bad!

Free version has a standard quality. If you need a high-definition slideshow, you have to pay for it. Choose for yourself! For instance, you can keep a standard version for yourself. And choose the HD quality for a gift.

Now you know how to create your slideshow in three easy steps. I think that it’s worth trying this slideshow maker with music. This is a great option to make video for both experienced users and starters. Refer to the experience of the skilled practitioners!

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