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Make video from photos: comparison of the 3 programs

Like many users, I am interested in the question-how to make video from photos, as sometimes I am eager to show my photos to friends, colleagues and relatives. However, the usual photo viewing is already trite. I feel like making something new. For example, to create a small video or a slideshow. In this article, I consider 3 analog programs for creating videos from photos to identify the one that has the greatest number of advantages. The first service that I am going to discuss is

Here’s an example of their videos:

Its user-friendly interface is the first thing that catches my eye. The basic steps are indicated on the first page.

Make video from photos


how to make video from photos

The button “try for free” convinces me that the service is thoughtfully designed, because not everyone wants to pay the money not even using the services. I’m not an exception. Each video creation takes place in 3 steps: I choose the design, upload my photos and wait for the result.

So, there are the main advantages:

• There is a possibility to download my music (or use the one from the site) and even a video.

• It is suggested to wait 12 hours, but if I repost, waiting time is reduced to 6. Besides, just for $4, I can take advantage of out of turn option of my video processing. They promise to send the finished video within 1 hour. This is a very convenient option for those ones who are in haste or who have a need-it-now request for gifts.

• It is indicated that a professional designer deals with my videos` processing, giving them the best arrangement to provide a beautiful and graceful view. I hope so.

• The ready-made video is sent to my mail. Besides, totally free, I can download my video in an ordinary quality, or make payment (which is quite adequate for a similar service and it is about 17-39 $) and get my video in an excellent definition. I have not noticed any disadvantages of this program. So, I put 9 points out of 10. We always want everything to be made faster and even cheaper 🙂


The next tool, which I’m going to treat is


I click “Try it now”, wait for the download is completed and get into the online video editor.


It is very unexpected. The interface is similar to a program for montage, only everything happens online. It is a strange solution. I don’t want to spend much time to understand the options, editing, montage and creating effects. There are more professional programs for this purpose. For Example, Adobe After Effect. In my understanding, if I deal with an online service, it means that it is enough to upload photos and wait for processing, rather than implement it on my own.

In general, I gave up editing on my own. If you still choose to spend time, here are the prices


49 $ for the fact that I’ll do my video on my own seemed too much for me. I don`t like the service. There is no choice of themes (designs), all the effects and montage should be done on my own, the graphics are very poor, it takes time to learn a lot and requires a rather big payment. I am upset. I rate it 4 out of 10. Perhaps, this site will be useful for someone, but not for me.

How to make video from photos. The last program

My next choice is:

This service is somewhat like the first site: You can choose the theme, upload photos, select the music and get your ready-made video. Hooray! The very thing I need. I press “get started”. It is offered to log in. I am not enthused at all. I enter via FB and it is suggested to choose the genre for my video

I choose “slideshow video” and go to the section of selection of themes (designs) for my video.

There is a great deal of categories:

but the graphics are outdated. Yes, it’s cute and better than those of the previous service, but it is worse than of the first site. I upload my photos and videos, text and wait for the finished video. Yes, it’s cute and better than those of the previous service, but it is worse than of the first site. I upload my photos and videos, text and wait for the finished video.

It looks as if some software algorithm processed my order; thus, the montage of my video is missing. There is just a patchy photo-video content, which was uploaded by myself. Shots vary in the order, in which I numbered and uploaded files. Sound recording is also suffering, because the sound in clips mutes the background music. It seems to me that this service can be used only as a good means to bring together a carefully prepared photo-video stuff.

Here is the cost sheet:

from $42 per month.

If I had to create a lot of videos each month and the quality of graphics, effects and editing didn’t matter-the service would be quite decent. I rate it 7 out of 10.

How to make video from photos. Summing up…

In brief, one should process the video in on one`s own. The effects are outdated, it takes much time to learn, the cost for this service is quite overstated. 4 \ 10 – is a good service. You can select a theme for the video, it is easy to understand. Each video processing is engaged in the program, you can get your clip quickly, but its montage can be very dull, the effects are not the newest ones; and the design quality (for video) is obsolete. The price is from $42. 7 \ 10 – is a perfect service. Its interface is the simplest one, you just need to upload your photos. The themes and effects for video processing are up-to-date, a designer deals with processing. Waiting time is its only disadvantage (everything can be done per hour, for a small fee). The price is from $17. 9 \ 10

Examples of themes from Animoto and Slideshow. photos can be seen here:


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