How to make a slideshow

How to make a slideshow

Are you a young mother, who had accumulated a bunch of shots and videos of your kid? Or maybe, are you a young person who is going to make an unusual gift for your beloved one on your anniversary dating? Or are you a responsible office worker who should make a report in the form of a photo\video presentation for an upcoming meeting? Every one of you can solve your problem by creating an original slideshow. The only thing left is to figure out how to make a slideshow. So, let’s understand what you need for your unique slideshow.


How to make a slideshow

It is time to learn how to make a slideshow

Certainly, a starter can hardly puzzle out in the sea of utilities that are intended to create a slideshow. There’s no point to fall into despair. One time ago, I also started my search of a slideshow maker. I immediately abandoned the complex and expensive software and was looking for something simpler. And I found it!

I mean the online service Now I use it regularly. It suits me down to the ground. One of the main advantages: everything is done online.



I just need to select a matching design (everything can be found in the program), upload my photos and videos online and get my ready- made video.

How to make a slideshow


The service also gives me an excellent opportunity to choose a music for my slideshow. I believe that photos\videos are perceived much better if they are supplemented by an appropriate music. Of course, the service provides original tunes which are used by default. However, I can upload my own melody. This will add an originality to my movie.

I can also complement my clip with titles and text accents. The service has ready-made templates for the purpose. It is very convenient!

So, everything is uploaded. And my stuff is sent to be processed by designers. It’s worth a special mention! Believe my experience, usually such a function is not performed by designers, but by some software algorithm. So, I see a custom-tailored approach of the service here.

The waiting period begins. Yes, sometimes I should wait for about 12 hours. However, the situation can be changed for the better. I can make a repost and get my order in one hour.

Well, all done! I get my ready-made clip by e-mail. My video come in a standard quality. If I need it in HD, I should pay for this option. That’s right, an excellent quality requires additional expenses. However, the choice is up to you!

So, I am quite satisfied by the service and I advise everyone to try it. Rely upon it, you have nothing to lose. In addition, there is a nice option “Try for free”. Give it a try! You will succeed!

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