Create video with pictures

Create video with pictures

Do you know that the well-known picture of Albert Einstein, where he is depicted with his tongue out, was not a staged one? The genius was just tired of birthday photographers who constantly asked him to smile into the camera. So, he decided to go ape a little. Now this picture is one of the most recognizable photographs in the world. We offer to go further and create video with pictures. Add music, text inserts, special effects. And you get a fascinating slideshow. It can be funny, naughty or vice versa: very serious for an office meeting.

create video with pictures


Create video with pictures: select a slideshow creator

A program for creating slideshows will help you to create a cool video of photos. So, first, you should work out an issue how to create a video with pictures and music.

Initially, it might seem that to find a utility to create a video with pictures and music for any purpose is quite a simple task. Internet has all the answers! Actually, most of the stuff put online is a complex and expensive software intended primarily to connoisseurs of their case.

If you do not consider youself to be a professional in the field of photo\video processing, you have a perfectly affordable alternative. This is the service, which I regularly use myself So, I am ready to share with you my experience of how to create video with your shots.

Create video with pictures: use free slideshow maker

By its functionality, my favorite service will delight even the skeptical-minded users. It engages by the following.

  • I do not need to install any soft to create video from photos on my computer: I follow the link and work.
  • I don’t spend time learning complex interface of the program: everything is very simple.
  • I do not process my own content to make a music video.
  • I do not need to pay money before getting my video from pictures.

What do I need to do while using this service? At a minimum, I need to choose the design of my clip and upload photos\videos online.


The service delights with a variety of design options. The categories to create video with my photos exceed expectations. The graphics of the service are also at a very high level. I have used the examples of different styles and realized that the creators of the service work very professionally.

The program also provides a selection of music for the movie. Successive photos are perceived quite differently if their are accompanied with a matching music. The service offers music for free. Original tunes by default are in the program, but, depending on the concept of the movie, you can upload your own tracks. This will add unique character to the movie from photos.

You can decorate your music video with captions and text accents. There are ready-made templates from the internal collection.

So, everything is selected and uploaded. Next, my content is sent to be processed by designers. Yes, the expert team will assist me in creating my movie. This is a significant advantage of the service. In other programs, this function is assigned to usual software algorithm.

However, the expectation of the result may take up to 12 hours. What if I don’t want to wait? In this case, I make a repost and speed up the process. This is good news.

Everything is ready. By email, I get the finished product in a standard quality. If I need it in high definition, I have to pay for it. It all depends on a particular situation. Sometimes, a slideshow in a standard quality is enough for me. In general, you are to choose!

Just imagine how effectively your pictures with music will look in a professional clip! You can create engaging video with pictures and music free, and your beloved ones and you will be the protagonists there. Give it a try!

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